Perwersja / Perversion 
BWA, Zielona Gora, Poland 12-14.04.2024

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       photos by Karolina Spiwak


I like the words: gibberish and nonsense.

Perversely I take it out of context and pervert it. I bastardize it. Ad infinitum.

Inconsistently, but not without consequences.

“I owe you the truth in painting and I will tell it to you.” (Cézanne)

“(…) what, then, does the pervert miss, in his endeavour to absolutely separate the Truth from Lies? The answer is, of course: the Truth of the Lie itself, the truth that is delivered in and through the very act of lying. Paradoxically, the pervert's falsity (lie) resides in his very unconditional attachment to truth, in his refusal to hear the truth resonating in a lie.” (Žižek)

“This brings us back to perversion: for Lacan, a pervert is not defined by the content of what he is doing (his weird sexual practices, etc.). Perversion, at its most fundamental, resides in the formal structure of how the subject relates to truth and speech. The pervert claims direct access to some figure of the big Other (from God or history to the desire of his partner), so that, dispelling all the ambiguity of language, he is able to act directly as the instrument of the big Other's will.” (Žižek)

"The real opposition is not between image and word, but between image and word on the one hand and painting on the other." (Swennen)

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” (Wittgenstein)

“Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” (Wittgenstein)

“Perhaps the only proper hermeneutical test of a work of art is its ability to survive its original context.” (Žižek)

I pervert thus I re-contextualize.  I re-contextualize thus I pervert.

Words and / but deeds.

Perversion: collapse of meaning.

nie na miejscu / out of place
Hampton by Hilton Poznan Old Town, Poznan, Poland, 
21.10.2023 - 16.11.2023

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        photos by Daria Olzacka


The title: nie na miejscu / out of place - was supposed to describe the so called “outside” of me.

Ironically, it speaks about my inner landscape - be it: aesthetic, mental or geographical.

It is not necessarily autobiographical.

Out of place: is a state of mind, is a choice.

Painting teaches me patience and acceptance even though it can be highly frustrating at times. It energies me and makes me hopeful that there is "something" (life?) in the dirt of the paint, in the awkward brushstrokes and in the lack of a solutions.

No absolutes whatsoever.

Stolen, used and still relevant: "an unapologetic refusal to abide by the shibboleths of modern taste - like the idea that selecting a painting because it matches the colour of a sofa is somehow inherently vulgar".

Do I stand out or am I just the background.

Fundacja Salony, Zielona Gora, Poland 09-30.09.2022

Text :

in no particular order:

drive for life drive to survive

the radical concept of ridiculousness

it must be beautiful

Marcel Broodthaers:

„I, too, wondered whether I could not sell something and succeed in life…”(1964)


„… an unapologetic refusal to abide by the shibboleths of modern taste - like the idea that selecting a painting because it matches the colour of a sofa is somehow inherently vulgar.”

always more than politics: human condition

future is non-binary

the end

IN Conversation with (20) Doing Numbers
group show, London 03-04.06.2022


Conceived and curated by Neil Ferguson and Fredrix Vermin

Providing work using, containing or about numbers…

What is our life in numbers?

Numbers direct our lives… confirm our existence, actuality, reality, fact, survival, continuance, living.

What do we choose to recognise through numbers?

Address, phone numbers, insurance numbers, NHS numbers, dates of birth, passwords.

What numbers become important?

IN Conversation with (17) Public Hanging
show / collaboration with Neil Ferguson, London 18-19.06.2021


Public Hanging of a…

visual conversation

from… 474 black and white drawings…

between 14.11.2020 and 18.11.2021

… daily exchanges… via whatsapp

… reflecting everyday changes in each other circumstances, moods, interests and hangovers…

Random or selective? We cannot agree.

Which will be liked, disliked, selected or rejected?

Cave, Pimlico, London 13-16.06.2019



- dreams hoped then defunct

- if I make you sleep on the floor and beg

- real change? what are you willing to sacrifice?

- intervene in a dramatic way but in the end I had no ideas

- if I were a shaman

- I could tap in all ancestors’ memory

- all been involved: worked, voted, copulated & died

- can’t recognise all the faces but a thought / concept / idea is not an image

- imagery is repetitive & familiar; seen it all before

- image is not a feeling either; what is drawing must be asked?

- drawing as a material but what is art is the only relevant question

- shaking convulsing after throwing up for hours when animal takes over

- the perversity of the audacity of not being able to push it

- changing my mind

- last fuck before death: whom with, where & when?

- what are the new values?

- communicated with the universe & it told me shit

- the radical nothing is upon me; yes, I’m right, there’s not resolution

- what I am you are

- do you think you matter? 

- ∞

- like a dark hole like a hairy ass wide gaping open!

group show, Artwork Gallery, Cambridge 02-06.02.2018


The exhibition was to spark conversation, reflection, and action that would continue progress toward equity, inclusion, and support for diversity in LGBTQ+ communities in Cambridge and globally. A diverse array of work by artists expressing voices, experiences, and artistic practices represented among LGBTQ+ communities. Part of the sales of artwork and proceeds from a special art and music event raised funds for LGBTQ+ charity: The Kite Trust in Cambridge.

IN Conversation with (8)... a Play

"Those Rehearsals" collaborative performance with Neil Ferguson and Fredrix Vermin, London 22-23.o9.2017

The idea of an art show turned into an art event turned into a performance turned into three artists literally talking "shit" about art, themselves and life itself. All this while getting seriously drunk on Friday and Saturday night in front of a live audience who was also invited to drink themselves to an arty state for the sake of art of course. The events were not recorded (audio or video) on purpose hence they exist only in a meomory of its participants.

BWA Zielona Gora, Poland, 05-18.06.2017


1) the starting point: an exhibition as an artist’s residency… because of the economic, time related, geo-political, sentimental & artistic reasons as the artists might make some new work & finally he has a chance of spending 2 weeks thinking almost only about the so called art

2) the evolution of the ideas: from drawing residency through the artist’s recollection of the times, when as 15 years old he and his friends were frequenting exhibitions at BWA, to the exhibition as an open system

        3) the exhibition itself: parallel points to develop:

- past: of a place, of hope(s) & of people (texts)

- future: of art & humanity (texts)

- present: everything & anything but mainly urge to live / survive & self-preservation (conversations)

- in other words: texts, conversations & the artists himself as the exhibition

 4) the artist will be present at the gallery during the duration of the exhibition; come & talk with him; he’ll be also making notes about & from the conversations (texts)

IN Conversation with (5) Episto-graphing
show / collaboration with Neil Ferguson and Fredrix Vermin
London 08-10.10.2016

Connecting drawing and epistemology cannot avoid being weakened by their breadth of definition. What "things" induce relationships to other "things"? What is "read", transferred or passed on through drawings? The event offered 3 sets of drawings to consider how and what can be shared from a population of drawn images.

To see more of my drawings in the show - please see here.

an online art project 2016

an online art project for details please see here.

group show, Lumier, London 2014


my video work ABOLISH SUMMER (2014)

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